Our Mission

PrimeOne Polymers, Inc. offers high quality products with exceptional customer service and support. Our team will help you choose the right material for your application at the most competitive pricing in the industry.

Our Objective

PrimeOne Polymers, Inc. is a full-service supplier of high performance pre-color and concentrate compounds that addresses the markets needs for better reliability and improved performance. Raw materials are melted with fibers, lubricants, minerals and other additives. We strive and provide the highest quality prime compounds while keeping effective costs that separate our products from the competition. Our goal is to build long-term relationships with valued partners from diverse industries.  The purpose of our technical team is to identify your specific needs while supplying you with the most cost effective and technically sound material.

PrimeOne Polymers, Inc. is an added value partner. Having several grades of polymers readily available in our inventory, we have the ability to supply the right material for any of your unique applications and requirements.